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The West Virginia. Center for Civic Life is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that helps engage our citizens in community discussions of important public issues that affect our state and nation.

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What should we do to support West Virginia's working families?

Issue Guide: Economic Insecurity Economic insecurity haunts many of West Virginia’s working families. Good-paying jobs in mining and manufacturing are on the decline. Most new jobs are in the service sector, which provide lower wages and fewer benefits. The traditional safety net for the unemployed has shrunk substantially under new, stricter welfare laws. The net effect is that West Virginia has the lowest median household income in the country, and the highest child poverty rate except for the District of Columbia.

Our forums have explored three different approaches to helping families make ends meet:

  • Improve the state's business climate.
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Reduce economic inequalities

There are no quick fixes, but with sustained effort it’s likely that we can make a positive difference.


Making Ends Meet: Issue Guide
Making Ends Meet: Forum Report

Economic Insecurity in West Virginia is one of the issues developed by The West Virginia Center for Civic Life for discussion and action in deliberative forums.