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What can we do about drug abuse in Fayette County?

Issue Guide: Substance Abuse Almost 48,000 West Virginians call Fayette County, West Virginia home. It is also home to the world-renowned New River Gorge and host to the internationally-known “Bridge Day.” Some of West Virginia’s most beautiful parks and wildlife areas are located there.

Against this backdrop is a serious and complex problem. During the past decade, the abuse of both illegal and prescription drugs in Fayette County has increased among adults and youth, harming individuals, families, and communities. Drug abuse was having a destructive effect on the health, safety, and economy of Fayette County.

A coalition of residents prepared a guide to help citizens discuss and act on this crucial problem. Substance abuse is a complex issue. To make progress in any area of the state, it will take action from people in every corner of our communities—law enforcement, education, health care, business, government, faith groups, social services, and individuals and neighborhoods.

Issue Guide

Substance abuse in Fayette County, West Virginia was one of the issues developed by The West Virginia Center for Civic Life for discussion and action in deliberative forums.